4 bedroom apartment for sale

LondonCadogan Place Cadogan Place, London, SW1X
Price: 300.000 EUR



The apartment itself has been subject to a comprehensive interior design programme and is immaculately presented complete with bespoke furniture and a beautifully crafted finish.

The manor has been renovated over time with different ideas and today consists of the main structure and three annex buildings, one of which is provided with battlements,and a rising tower, all built on an estate of 46,000 m2 approx. It has its own water well and a generator which, if necessary, supplies the entire estate.

The Generalitat de Catalunya has also approved another 2,600 m2 to build, to expand and develop the dependencies you need. Currently the two top floors are rehabilitated, with comfortable rooms and suites, being the beginning of the transformation of this property into a magnificent hotel.

It has large beautifully decorated rooms creating spaces to chat or rest.

The views of the mediterranean sea and mountain create the feeling of being in a peacefull oasis.

Set in a unique enviroment you'll find magnificent Pools and beautiful gardens.

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For Sale

Ann Jones

General Features

Burglar Alarm, Cable Internet, Cable TV, Dishwasher

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